[ART] Startscreen, UI and more

To give the game a more polished and finished feel, I updated a lot of art.
Most of the elements were still a first version/placeholder. I really enjoyed painting this stuff and have learned from it as well.

For finishing the game I also made the death animation which Timothy implemented in the game as all the other animations.

The trailer that I made for our game is also online, and you can watch it right here:


Friendly greetings,
Jens Patteeuw

[Dev] Bug fixes and Changing textures

This week, we implemented the latest animation. Jens animated steve  falling on the ground and I implemented it in our animation hierarchy. I also created the functionality of switching textures on the fly. The code for this is simple but I had to try out a few things before I got it right. The result can be seen below, the blue texture was provided by the artists of course.

I also had to manually fix a multiplier pickup bug where the pickup was invisible, this was because the mesh was missing. Unfortunately, I had to replace every pickupspawner in the game to fix this.



[ART] Fill the level with forest


This week I continued my work on textures and meshes. After finalizing the tree texture I turned to another task. As our level supposed to be endless, we decided that it’s better to make a separate mesh and texture to fill up the borders of the running lines. This way we could save some memory and don’t use too many prefabs of trees. I made a very low poly mesh for this purpose but still with some bumpiness on the surface to give some feeling of volume and get rid of plane feeling. For the texture I reused tree textures that were already made by me and Nicolas. As the prefabs with the level parts were done, I added the side trees mesh as well. Now we have a forest atmosphere here!


[ART] Animations WIP

The animations for Steve are still work in progress.
I had never animated in 3ds max and with the CAT rig before. So it was a little challenge to get the hang of it. After some trial and error, research on the web I was able to bring Steve alive.
The fun part about adding animations to the game is that it removes a lot of the feeling of it being a work in progress or unfinished piece. Nobody likes to watch a static character move over a plane.
The run and slide animations are currently implemented in the game. The jump wasn’t finished in time to get implemented in the latest build. But not to worry, it will be in the next one for sure.

Animation gifs:
Run: https://gyazo.com/0ad6531cdacef369c0c855687a167248
Slide: https://gyazo.com/2aab07d82c20bc353dd099802368283b



[Unity-Demo][ChangeLog] Crazy Crusade 0.6

Android Apk:: Android APK build

Android Apk With insanity:: Android APK build

Android Apk With sidetrees:: Android APK build

Controlls: Arrow keys
Build (currently broken):



  • Level is now infinite
  • Running animation implemented
  • Slide animation implemented
  • Magnet and Shield pickup meshes implemented
  • Pickups rotate & float up and down
  • Android build has now a custom app Icon
  • New ground meshes now bend correctly with our shader
  • Updated ground textures
  • Randomly spawned pickups implemented
  • Level design reworked
  • Sanity system added (enabled in the second .apk)

[ART]The advantages of modeled pickups, the possibilities of an endless runner.

Over the last week I’ve worked on a set of different level components.

These parts are short pieces of the level, that can be infinitely tiled behind each other, thereby creating an endless level. The layout for the level was based on a spaced out version of Jens’ his level design, which ended up working quite well given the proper distance in between obstacles. The scripts for this endless run were done by Timothy and in combination with some pickupspawners I added to the level (coded by timothy) the level components were complete. The advantage of having the random pickupspawners is that even if you run across a same level part several times, the pickups in it will be different each time. To ensure the experience I’ve created 14 diferent level pieces that can be randomy combined.

I’ve also revised the pickups, because I was unhappy with the noisy visual look of the magnet and coin collector paints. The shield work nicely as a paint, but the magnet and coinboost did not. This is why i’ve chosen to redo these, in the form of textured models. This also allows for spinning and floating pickups, which add a lot to the overall visibility.

Another advantage of using textured models instead of flat paints is that the overall look highly adheres to our style. This is mostly because of the effect the lighting has on the actual objects, as opposed to a flat plane with a texture on it. The textures themselves are simple enough to warrant 128*128 textures, which compensates for the added mesh.

Overall I feel like this decision to take a step back from our earlier plan has helped me in achieving a better visual result, without compromising performance.


[Dev] Infinity and implementing animation

Hey guys!

I programmed endless functionality, now level parts get spawned randomly in front of you and gets deleted when you run past it.

Because everything is now spawned, I had to write a pickup spawner that randomly selects a pickup type. To have a bit of a random feel, I made the spawner decide randomly whether to actually spawn something or not.

I also implemented Jens’ animations with an animation script and the unity animator, our project currently has running and sliding animations, but more on that in Jens’ blog post.

Last but not least I added rotation code to our pinecones so that the pickups float (up and down) and rotate. This make them appear more vivid, there is currently a small problem with those, they sometimes float too high to be picked up when they should’ve been, but I’m addressing that small fix next week.

[DEV] Sanity System


Our initial idea for the game was an endless runner with soem trippy elements. The story would be that Steve , the main character, had escaped from a mental asylum and was running through the forest thinking he was a knight. Some elements proved to be hard to implement .

But now I finally found a way to implement a system which shows some signs of mental illness. If Steve picks up powerups (medicine) he gets more insane and the world starts twisting , however, if he picks up some pinecones he starts getting normal again.

Thats about it , there is also a “Sanity” bar.